Michela Girardi 

Art.  Valerio Pisano wins first prize in Mendrisio


The artist from Lanusei has won the first prize in an art competition organized by an art gallery in Mendrisio.

Valerio Pisano has added another prize to a long list of recognitions. With his work of art called The birth of Tik, a short video starring the ever present Bic pen, the artist from Ogliastra convinced the web community to vote for him, he overtook hundreds of other fellow artists easily and won first prize in the competition. Pisano says: “It is thanks to all the people who voted for my work that I will be able to exhibit my art free of charge on the premises of the L’Angolo di Mondrisio gallery in Switzerland. It will be a great opportunity to visit new places and meet other people. It will be wonderful to show my work away from the island and also give some pleasure to the people who have always believed in me.” The exhibition will take place in 2015.