Linda De Sanctis 

Art ‘Barefoot’ from Albanese to Levin.

Fifty artists, including Claudio Adami ,Giovanni Albanese, Nanni Balestrini, Jacopo Benci, Bruno Ceccobelli, Mauro Di Silvestre, Ileana Florescu, Felice Levini, Paola Gandolfi, Giuseppe Salvatori, Claudio Palmieri, Piero Pizzicannella and many others united in the name of freedom and liberty. The idea came from Roberto and Valentina Gramiccia who, for the exhibition ‘Barefoot’  hosted at the Nuova Pesa gallery, offered each artist an empty shoe box. “The idea” say Roberto and Valentina Gramiccia “is that someone who does not have any shoes is obliged to walk barefoot, this could be annoying or pleasant but above all could give one a wonderful idea of freedom: in this case freedom from mass market and language obligations, freedom of thought and actions and subversion when needed.” 

So inside the shoe boxes one can find Pala Gandolfi’s restless and angry figures, Bruno Ceccobelli’s archaic signs, Felice Levini’s ironic composition, Giovanni Albanese’s lights, Gianni Dessi’s colours , H.H Lim’s  black and white, Aurelio Bulzatti’s rarefactions, Lucilla Catania’s mini sculptures, Stefano di Stasio’s hallucinations, Ileana Florescu’s books. Language, tendency, different proposals for fifty possible poetics, a type of ‘poor’ but ambitious mapping of what is happening around Italy through an artistic and creative point of view. An exhibition to allow the audience to get to know the creative fantasy of fifty independent artists.