Valerio Pisano was born in Lanusei  Sardinia in 1968, a self-taught artist who started to express himself through his drawings at a very young age. He finished his classical studies and entered the working world when he was 19. Using the ball point pen  has always prevailed over his expressive techniques. He opened brackets using oil, acrylic and other varied techniques.


 Over the years he has acquired the ability to fade the strokes of his pen so as to render them almost invisible. This permitted him to create drawings which some people find hard to believe that they were created using a ballpoint pen, they defined them as printings.



A painter, designer – he brandishes his biro pen like a weapon to ward off his enemies – producer of a thousand inventions and, above all in "Scent of the railings", a poet with a rebellious irony who entertains himself within a three-dimensional scope not only physically but mentally too. There is a vast multi-form literature, exquisitely Italian, which he draws from; from Piero Manzoni to Alighiero Boetti and Gino De Dominicis.

Roberto Gramiccia – Critico d'arte e scrittore



The exhibition "che cento fiori sboccino" has been  a  great  hit  with  the  public .An  unexpectedly large  number  of  visitors crammed  into the halls of "La Pesa Gallery" in Romewhere numerous artists accepted the invitation to donate one of their works for auction with proceeds going to the newspaper "Liberazione". Among works such as Kounellis, Pizzi Cannella, Balestrini, Caporossi or Cerone and Spagnulo there was also space for "our" Valerio Pisano...You can leaf through the exhibition catalogue (DeriveApprodi) at 

                                                                                                                                   Juri Piroddi  - Director




..Over four days,  Valerio Pisano, an artist from Lanusei, participated in the Festival letterario in Gavoi displaying his works at Hotel Taloro, a stopping-off point for writers and intellectuals who were taking part in the Isola delle Storie.  Many people were able to admire the exhibition "Profumo di ringhiera" (Scent of the railings).  Pisano poured all of his ironic vision into his works teasing both himself and the spectators  through his reinterpretation of everyday objects. More Lewis Carroll than Andy Warhol,  Pisano shows an ever more  mature  expressiveness.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              F. Manca  journalist





..In fact Pisano's works originate from his relationship with objects, everyday emotions and the inspiration he finds in nature. Inspiration that is fleeting and almost accidental, unexpected but ever present.  Thus some of his works are created.  Paintings, drawings, objet d'art that grow within the  artist's mind, gradually taking form over the years.          


                                                                                                                                                                                                       G. Idili - Archaeologist




   Valerio Pisano has organised various exhibitions in Sardinia both collective and personal ones. Standing out among his works are "media imprinting" which were exhibited along with another artist, Gianleonardo Viglino -  The works were shown inside a building which had been destroyed by fire and with Gianleonardo again , he displayed another exhibition inside the road Tunnel of Correboi which was entitled "TuNelLAgio". Also to note, his display in the city of Lucca entitled "Alias" with his works created using the biro ballpoint pen.




And last but not least "Profumo di ringhiera".