Review of the exhibitions

Examples of  abstract art on display at ArtTime Gallery

Abstract art, expressions of thoughts that contemplate a non objective art, where colours creep into lines, shaping  meanings and following the rules of an independent code of receptive experiences (as music does with its sounds and rhythms).  On display at ArtTime Gallery, Vicolo Pulese, Udine until 12th September.

Abundant and wide-ranging works by nine artists who express aspects of  liberal compositions of lines, forms and colours with particularly notable results. Showing Vincenzo Mancini, Gisy Brusatin, Rita Toffali, Luca Marin, Eugenio Marchesi, Lello Bavenni, Mirta De Simoni, Giovanni Manganaro. …

…And the ballpoint pen, one of the most common objects of everyday uses. Valerio Pisano dedicates his full attention to them and produces some remarkable geometrical compositions.