The first signs of this project dates back to 1994, as you can see within the images of his photographic pathway, when he drew the first sketches of some subsequently created works.

In 2006, he began drawing – with the pc and freehand – the works which were already in the form of rough sketches and dreamed up new works every day and everywhere, both at work and at dinner, alone or with friends, on the beach or during journeys, and within a few months had drawn, schematically, over 200 in all.

In 2007, he decided to spend another long autumn shut indoors after discovering the existence of an extremely interesting programme for architects which allowed him to completely redesign all his 200 "inventions" in 3D and in colour.

Hours of work stretched long into the night, before rising early to start working frenetically once more. He ate among his tools and works under construction. There were also "last minute" notes scattered over the bedside table.

During this same period, he created his website, receiving numerous positive comments for the works presented. Thus arrived the first offers for the publication of a catalogue.

After shelving the project in favour of a period of reflection, thanks to his good friend and sculptor Gianleonardo Viglino, who offered him the use of his studio and taught him the magic of creating with plexyglass, metals, wood, etc., he decided to begin this adventure. He has into a new methodology of materials and techniques never before used. He began by making scissors for split ends, and finished with the even more important and demanding metal railing perfume.




Profumo di ringhiera